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Hi, I'm Rich Moore and I am the owner of PowerPro Carpet Cleaning NJ. I would like to take just a moment to share with you a little about myself as well as my dedication towards the industry of carpet maintanence.  I have been cleaning carpets as well as upholstery for over Two decades. I have owned or operated 7 carpet cleaning franchises, I have sub contracted for department stores, I've sub contracted for a variety of leading floor covering cleaning firms. I have been called to help as an Expert in the field by many leading companies. I've cleaned more than Two million square ft of carpet, I have owned my own carpet cleaning company and also have professionally cleaned over 2880 homes and offices in NJ and lso NY. I am Forty one years old and I'm married for Nineteen yrs to my beautiful wife Pam. I have 2 boys: Daniel is age 13, Edward is only12.

 I've tried very hard to utilize the typical methods associated with the current carpet cleaning , In past times I have cleaned carpets and upholstery with steam cleaning, Chem-Dry carpet cleaning, Host carpet cleaning, shampoo carpet cleaning, Capture carpet cleaning, , Post carpet cleaning, Hot water extraction some of these processes you may heard about.

Each one of these cleaning techniques will give you some results to an extent, but may simultaneously have some difficulties making a number of customers unsatisfied. A number of the problems that I have had in past times have been:

Carpet had been far too wet
Carpet smells during drying out
Carpet wet for Twenty four hours or Two days
The left over filthy water goes in clients toilet or bathtub
The need to aquire 100's of gallons of water from customers bath tub or sink

Did you know carpets and rugs may get soiled more rapidly following  older carpet cleaning procedures? This is from left over soapy residue that is left in the carpet fibers.  The actual underlay or padding can get wet and this may cause some real nasty, dangerious  moldy odors. This is very common in basements. Sometimes there is a   very strong scent of chemicals that were used in the cleaning process, these chemicals  may not be   harmless for youngsters or animals, The Dry-Chemical Cleaning process can leave harmful chemicals in carpeting, Steam Cleaning can cause carpet shrinking, carpet buckling, and carpet damage.

 We have questioned many other carpet cleaners if they shared this concern and also wanted to know what they do in conditions similar to this. I have to say that I truly didn't like the particular responses which I received from other cleaning experts. The solution that many other cleaners offered me was "This is the key reason why we have got insurance coverage", or even "what exactly could we do?" I thought to myself What can we do? That's exactly why we have insurance? In Other terms that's the clients dilemma. This did not sit right to me. My customers  are essential to me. We need a much better approach!

I Found a New Way!

It took some time but I found a superior way, many repeat and also, my brand-new customers love this new cleaning procedure for their carpets. You will too.

Want to know exactly why? I'll identify only a few reasons here:

1. Carpets are cleaned using a 100% Organic cleaning solution (so safe and sound I have the ability to drink it)

2. A-Allergy Cleaning method.

3. Carpet cleaned as well as dried in only three hours.

4. Carpets and rugs appear to be new again.

5. Stained area's will be removed.

6. Traffic area's are like new, matted pile is lifted as well as renewed.

7. Excellent results on dated as well as more recent generation carpets.

8. Safe for Stainmaster as well as Scotch-Guarded Carpets and rugs. 

The Bottom line is you will get the Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning That You Have Ever Seen and at the same time you will know that the cleaning was done with the safest cleaning process available.

My Guarantee to You:

I am so confident, so positive that you will love the cleaning that we  do. I have put together a 100% Iron Clad Gaurantee. If you're dissatisfied at all, we are going to reclean it again Free of charge . In case you are still not thoroughly 100% SATISFIED and Happy, We (you and I together) will retain the services of a different carpet cleaning company and if they can do something that I wasn't able to do, then not only will I return your money, I'll also pay for the other carpet cleaning service out of my own pocket. You won't be charged. Not one nickle. Just what could possibly be more fair than that?

Here is some telephone voicemails that a few  clients left for us. Listen for a moment then give us a call. We will do the same cleaning process for you!

Rich Moore

PowerPRo Carpet Cleaning